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Moe Nawaz (as seen on T.V.) is a nationally recognised author, Turnaround practitioner & insolvency auditor who has created thousands of pre insolvency strategies to help business owners and company directors to eliminate or reduce company debts since 1989. He regularly travels the country helping business owners / company directors who need a fresh start without the company debts. Moe also trains accountants and solicitors and company directors on how to handle their toughest cases with creditors, HMRC – Inland Revenue and Customs and Excise.

There must be a very good reason that people are saying Moe Nawaz is the UK’s most trusted person for helping company directors and leaders for turning problems into solutions, with five books to his credit as a published author “The Insolvency Survival Guide For Businesses” and his second book “Bankruptcy Guide” plus others publications all to be found on With clients from London to Scotland and many from overseas, Moe has what it takes to solve your company debts, tax or VAT problems for your company no matter where you live in the United Kingdom.  Click here to read more

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