Turnaround Practitioner & Insolvency Auditor, Moe Nawaz has been creating strategies for under-performing businesses and making good businesses great since 1989.

“Whilst Moe’s competitors are very good at what they do, Moe has a much greater commitment to finding strategic solutions quickly, easily, safely, enjoyably and more predictably than any of his rivals.” “He is better at both minimizing your liabilities and maximizing your gains. Moe will also show you more legal and ethical short cuts, quick fixes and fast track strategies to rebuild your business than anyone else operating in this marketplace”.


Moe, determined to challenge the prevailing approach to the traditional turnaround of underperforming businesses, has helped pave the way for what has became known as the strategic advisor.

Often compared to corporate trouble-shooters, Moe has built a culture by blending together a mix of turnaround practitioners, insolvency auditors, operating managers, functional experts, consultants, executive coaches and mentors to assist with corporate restructuring and performance improvement for companies and stakeholders.

As a strategic advisor, he is considered by many as a game changer, integration catalyst and thought leader. Committed to core values, Moe has evolved from a maverick player to the premier league.

No matter how bad your financial problems may look but the solutions and options Moe will provide for you and your business are seen as game changers for business leaders and entrepreneurs alike. Moe thrives on challenges.


Moe Nawaz

Moe had no formal school education when he left school, instead he has a PhD in Results. Moe is blessed with having over 26 direct members of his family working world wide for Mckensey & Company and also for Bain & Company, two of the world’s largest and most prestigious firms of consultants. Moe and family all meet up at least 4 times a year to have their own mastermind group strategies for each individual member of the family within the consultancy industry. Members of Moe’s family turn to him for help and advice setting strategies for their clients when they don’t have solutions.