What does winding up petition mean for the company?

What does winding up petition mean for the company?

Have you been threatened by a creditor with a winding up petition or maybe have had a winding up petition served on your company?

What does winding up petition mean for the company?

The biggest number of winding up petitions being issued are by HMRC for none payments of tax for VAT, PAYE or corporation tax. Some company directors are smart enough to seek professional advice as soon as they know there is trouble ahead with company debts, they seek professional advice and end up saving their business regardless of the amount of debts to the company. Then there are other directors who wait until it is too late and the petition has landed in the post.

The early warning signs is the best time to get an insolvency auditor involved to help you plan on how best to deal with the debts and avoid the petition regardless of the size of debt or debts for your company. The other avenue open to the early warning signs person is to get a turnaround practitioner involved to help turn a viable business around. Provided you have a viable business worth saving an insolvency auditor or a turnaround practitioner will be able to help you structure a plan to save your business from a winding up petition.

On the other hand if you have not had the chance or the opportunity to seek advice and you have had the winding up petition served on you then your options are very few. One, is to fight it if you have a good defence as you have an ongoing dispute over goods or services with the creditor. Two, pay the full amount plus any legal costs before the court hearing day and have the petition discharged. Three, if you have a viable business which could be turned around then we might be able to get the courts and the creditor to agree to an administration order to save and restructure the company as this will result in returning more money than a liquidation via a petition. There are a few more options which are also open but these all depend on your financial position short term and long term.

Regardless of where in the winding up petition cycle you are there is always of finding options open to your problems provided your business is worth saving.

Most of my clients come to me seeking an umbrella once the storm has arrived on their doorstep, this is where I help them by coming out of the cold storm and having a nice hot coffee or tea and see what solutions and option we can create to save their business.

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